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Public Airports in Romania - flights to Romania

If you are interested to visit Romania and want to make a flight booking, for sure you want to know if there are airports and where. Well, there are many flights to Bucharest (Otopeni) but almost all Romanian big cities have got airports and they are spread all over the country. Therefore you can choose your destination and book a flight. You can find below briefly presented the main public airports from Romania

In the close neighborhood of Bucharest, within Otopeni city limits, there is Romania’s busiest international airport - Henri Coandă International Airport (IATA: OTP, ICAO: LROP), previously named Bucharest Otopeni International Airport. Romania’s national airline, TAROM, has got it’s headquarter here but the airport also serves as operations base for charter or low-cost airlines such as BlueAir, Wizz Air. Also, Tiriac Air - a Romanian corporate charter airline which operates helicopters and business jets - has got it’s headquarter here. 

Other important Romanian cities which have got airports are as follows:

  • Iași: Iași Airport (IATA: IAS, ICAO: LRIA), located in the north east part of Romania
  • Craiova: Craiova Airport (IATA: CRA, ICAO: LRCV), located in the south western part of Romania, in the historical region Oltenia
  • Oradea: Oradea Airport (IATA: OMR, ICAO: LROD), located in northwestern Romania, in the historical region Crisana
  • Baia Mare: Baia Mare Airport (IATA: BAY, ICAO: LRBM), located in northwest part of Romania, in the historic region of Maramureș
Anytime, Romania is ready for you :) ! 

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