joi, 14 mai 2015

Where is Romania?

Earth => Europe=> Romania :) 
Romania is located in Southeastern Europe, in the northern part of the Balkan Peninsula.

Romania shares borders with Bulgaria to the south, Serbia to the southwest, Hungary to the northwest, Ukraine to the north and to the east and Moldova to the east.
The Capital City of Romania is Bucharest (Bucuresti), located in the south – southeast of the country, and has over 2 million people. 
The Carpathian Mountains (also known as the Transylvanian Alps) traverse the centre of the country while the Danube River naturally “draws” a large part of the country’s border with Serbia and Bulgaria and ends its European journey flowing into the Black Sea but only after forming the Danube Delta – one of the largest and best preserved delta in the world, a biosphere reserve and a biodiversity World Heritage Site.  
Hint: Where is Transylvania? Transylvania is the Romanian province located inside the Carpathian Mountain.  
Hint: According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, Romania was estimated to have the fourth fastest growing travel and tourism total demand in the world, with an estimated potential growth of 8% per year from 2007 to 2016.

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