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Romanian Black Sea resorts

The fact that the capital of Romania, Bucharest, is the most popular destination in Romania is very well known. However, I am not going to start presenting Bucharest to you, for now. Instead, because the summer is coming soon :) , I will introduce to you one of the favorite summer destinations in Romania: Black Sea Riviera

Romanian Black Sea shore is located in the southeast part of the country and is ideal for summer holidays. Warm, dry and sunny climate, soft sand beaches, modern resorts and various entertainment facilities attract many tourists at Romanian Black Sea resorts during the summer (late May to mid September). 

Please find herein listed the well-known Romanian sea resorts: 

  • 2 Mai
  • Agigea
  • Cap Aurora
  • Constanta
  • Corbu
  • Costinesti
  • Eforie (Nord si Sud)
  • Gura Portitei
  • Jupiter
  • Mamaia
  • Mangalia
  • Navodari
  • Neptun
  • Olimp
  • Saturn
  • Sulina
  • Vama Veche
  • Venus.

I will briefly present each one of them in the next posts, so stay tuned :) :) :)

You will be enchanted by the Romanian Black Sea shore attractions!

Hint: The Romanian Black Sea Riviera is served by Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport, near Constanta. Constanta is one of the largest cities in Romania and also includes Constanta Port which is one of the largest ports in Europe. Mamaia, considered Romania’s most popular resort, is located immediately in the north-east part of Constanta, between the Black Sea and the Siutghiol Lake.

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